Bearing witness

On the left there is a trailer full of sheep waiting to be delivered to the slaughterhouse. On the right are animal rights activists and a police officer.

Amongst the jostling and the fear, one looked out at us in curiosity. We both knew that she didn’t have long for this world, yet she was open to our presence and my heart broke.


Last weekend I joined Save Movement Scotland at one of their regular slaughterhouse vigils. Activists gathered to bear witness to the final moments of life of the cows and sheep being delivered to Sandyford Abattoir.

Sheep crowded into a transport truck.

The act of bearing witness was a simple but powerful reminder of my I am trying to go vegan. In my heart I know it is wrong to kill someone who doesn’t want to die, and that there is no humane way of doing so. On top of that, these animals were transported huge distances in barbaric conditions just to arrive at their death. It’s madness.

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